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Ice Cream Flavours


Why Ice Cream?

It all started a couple years back when Rich received a beautiful brand new table top ice cream maker as house warming present when we left Philly and moved to New Jersey. Everyone assumed he would soon be using it to make copious amounts of ice cream to satisfy our family's nightly sweet tooth cravings. However, Rich was soon using this lovely little ice cream maker to create the best flavors and blends of the most amazingly delicious ice cream. What started out as a hobby for Rich quickly turned into something that we knew was going to be more...

our background

Rich worked in the corporate world as a food scientist taking on many different areas of expertise. From food safety to product development he developed his passion for creating formulas and recipes to develop the best possible product. He has translated this experience into Morefield's, creating specialized formulas for making ice cream, but starting with the basics. After working in the corporate world and surviving many potential mergers and buyouts Rich's company was officially bought out. Around this time I (Rachel) was diagnosed with Meniere's disease an inner ear disorder that effects your balance, hearing and results in random vertigo attacks. As many people can relate raising a family with an illness requires a lot of flexibility. With this new set of challenges, we decided to pursue our dreams of becoming entrepreneurs and creating the most delicious ice cream for the world to enjoy known as Morefield's. 

why Morefield's?

The name was originally Verree & Morefield is actually inspired by the streets that Rich grew up on in Northeast Philadelphia. After one year we decided to change the name to Morefield's, turns out a lot of people were struggling with Verree! Morefield's is a brand that resonates with all natural wholesome ingredients that are especially handcrafted and homemade.

It's important that we utilize and support our local farmers and we source our dairy from Lancaster, PA using organic grass-fed milk. At Morefield's we pride ourselves on never using artificial colors or flavorings. We pasteurize our milk in-house to ensure that you can taste the quality and freshness in our product. Be sure to follow us on instagram and facebook because we are always posting info about our new flavors and where to find us. We really hope you enjoy our ice cream!

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